Medical Facilities

Health care at The Sainik School East Siang is provided which is a 24X7 operation run by an enthusiastic Nursing Assistant who works to provide optimal health conditions to prepare the cadets for the challenges of everyday life. The aim is maintaining a clean, organized and healthy environment throughout the school. In order to achieve these, preventive, curative and other self-care strategies are adopted. Extensive anthropometric measures are routinely carried out.

Optimum care is taken to recommend the most nutritious food, based on the nutritional requirements for cadets. Immunizations are given utmost importance as it is a safe and effective way to help the body prevent and fight off certain diseases. Monthly medical examinations are carried out for each and every cadets and staff to detect diseases at an early stage.

Apart from this every Second Saturday of the month a professional medical practitioner visits the school and provides health check-up as well as health education about nutrition, sanitation etc. Moreover in case of emergency 24X7operation run is provided by First Referral Unit, Ruksin.