The Sainik School East Siang makeshift library is a part and parcel of the school. Cadets and teachers use it for education, information, recreation and inspiration.

It has a variety of stock materials covering a variety of vocations, opening up vast world knowledge to its cadets and teachers. Our basic philosophy is to provide right information to the right reader at the right time at an optimum cost.


Main functions of the Library


  1. To create reading interest among cadets.
  2. To provide guidance for cadets in the use of books, reference books and other materials, tools of the library.
  3. To encourage and provide facilities for independent learning and self-propelled study both within the syllabus and beyond it.
  4. To provide reading materials, current as well as retrospective.
  5. To educate cadets so that their performance can be improved considerably if they use the library regularly.


  1. To provide information related to their subject and interest.
  2. To encourage and assist them in finding information on their subject.
  3. To provide for the requirements of the teachers with regard to textbooks, related books, reference materials, audio-visual materials, curriculum enrichment materials (like books on methods of instruction, formulation of curriculum, psychology of children, etc.)
  4. To encourage teachers so that they should give assignment to cadets. A teacher can direct the attention of children to the reading materials in the library for follow-up to topics covered in the class to further the interest.