1. The School follows the curriculum which is well planned, graded, and innovative as per CBSE guidelines.
  2. Three pillars on which our curriculum is based are:
    1. Academic rigour
    2. Development of critical thinking skills
    3. Personal, social and emotional development
  3. This is sought to be achieved through:

    Continuous assessments organized over the course of the year, according to specified assessment criteria.

    Our focus is on hands-on learning and learning by fun which encourages independent thinking and expression in each cadet.

  4. Assessments

    These are carried out through the year and on various projects besides end of unit/term/year assessments.

  5. Grading and academic reports

    The goal of having assessments at regular intervals and meetings with parents is to keep all concerned informed and involved in the cadet’s learning journey. Thrice a year parents receive a written feedback with information on the cadet’s proficiency in various aspects of learning.

    Feedback from the teacher, of any kind, on any area, is given in person or through communication.