Pastoral Care

The cadets at Sainik School East Siang are nestled under the safe abode of Houses; a true testimony of Residential School experience. The four Houses at SSES, borrow their names from the well-known districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Each cadet is allotted a house which is captained by the Housemasters or Housemistresses and the Matrons, administratively. The real pilots of the Houses are the House Captain and who in collaboration with the HSMs, run the daily operation of the Boarding system. The distinctive mark of a true House Spirit is the House Color, flaunted flamboyantly by the brotherhood Houses.


The School ensures the safe, secure and comfortable journey of the cadets during school vacations or for various outings throughout the year.


The Central Laundry is equipped with one state-of-the-art heavy loading washing machines with equal number of heavy drying machines.

It also has a very heavy duty hydraulic press. Five personnel headed by Laundry Manager Works regularly to wash and press about 500 pieces of clothing and linen daily.


All items obtained day to day functioning of the school are received through the Quarter Master. The items are received by the GE entered in the Ledger and issued to various requisition.

Presently there are two operating stores at the central kitchen:

  1. Grocery /Dry Store: This store is meant for stocking of all grocery items.
  2. Perishables Store (Cold Room): This one is for the storage of fruits, vegetables, butter, cheese and other bakery items and the other one is for the non-vegetarian items.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Hygiene is given top priority and we have two RO plant for pure drinking water in the Sainik School East Siang premises.